Thursday, June 25


i rented mr. lonely the day michael jackson died (unintentional)

i went to portland, it was nice. nice. nice. a man named paul
cooked swedish breakfast at a place called broder. he makes æbleskiver . i ate some.
listening to sigur ros and sigur ros only. tempted to buy "in a frozen sea" ...
just bought it.
thinking about birthday party coming up.
july 5th baby

Monday, June 15


movies watched in past week:
grave of the fireflies
he loves me he loves me not
the little prince

pain i have experianced this past week:

-summet mountain. hike a lot. sort of draining. fun though.
-get braces. not too bad. i get compliments on them. even from strangers. very unexpected.
-get food poisoning, my body expelled liquids, head throbbed, eyes hardly worked, my insides were inflamed and my muscles burned and ached from 6pm to 5 am.

in the past 24 hours i have consumed only gatoraid.

and i get my septum pierced tomorrow

school is out however. this is good. but being sick has made me feel depressed and lately have low self-esteem. i am distracting myself from having feelings about what has happened in april as much as possible. focusing on materialistic things is the best remedy. i don't know how i feel about it all. i guess that was the point.

some things can't be fixed.