Sunday, May 31


i will depart tuesday for eight days, during which i will be carrying a backpack through the wilderness. this summer i am going to make shirts. will you buy one? i am hoping they will turn out cool. any suggestions for the design? black lines on white only. 
if you are in the city of bellingham i will make cookies and maybe you can have one.
i often think about what might happen if i posted an extensive post on craigslist; "looking for some sort of companion (regardless of gender, platonic or not)" and list out my interests & the music i like and movies i've loved and so on. i wonder if anyone thinks about doing the same thing. maybe they'd be like me. maybe they'd see it while contemplating posting one similar and then we would hang out and sit around and eat food and watch movies and draw things and drink hard cider that i'd make in the fall and we'd stare at the snow falling and that is all

Wednesday, May 27

  • why does my sandwich smell like weed
  • why am i eating the leftovers of a sandwich that made me vomit two days ago
  • why is james joyce good at writing
  • why did robin pecknold delete his twitter
  • was he being harrased
  • my family goes to bed early
  • kaki king is nice to listen to when i am the only one awake
  • when did women decide to start shaving their legs
  • why do i only have three days of school left and just received many projects to start
  • why did i eat that sandwich. i feel sick already
  • i need to keep tangible notebooks around
  • my notebook is falling apart
  • i stole this notebook

Tuesday, May 26


hello. i just got back from sasquatch. a music festival. i saw many people perform. and many chrome bags and feather tattoos and peircings and people passing out at animal collective from being on too much acid. eugene hutz is still a sexy man.

explosions in the sky was my favorite. it was at dusk and there was warm breeze and it was very nice.

i didn't spend any money other than buying the ticket. i also took no shower. the two guys i was with waited for hours each morning to take showers.

also i had a gummo moment at 11 pm ish when i was sitting on an metal box on dried grass, in the middle of the campsite with a chicken wire fence and orange light behind me. wearing boxers , suspenders, beat up boots and a fur earflap hat . and i thought "i feel like i look odd" and then a man passed me and said "hello." and i said hi and he said "hi" and waved then said "you look nice, sitting there" and i thanked him and chuckled to myself. and then two vally girls walked by with wide eyes and one said to the-other :
"woah.... like, can you take a picture of this.....person..?"
"ha. confused with my gender. " i thought.
"can we?"
"make sure you get that creepy ass fence in there...we're not trying to make fun of you. we think your hat is rad"

they showed me the photo. i think i looked deranged. i was a little drunk so i couldn't really tell. the way they looked at me made me feel like a genderless animal child. this could be good.

possibly photos on flickr soon, depending on whether or not i ruined my film. yeah. all i have to do now is read the rest of james joyce's portrait of the artist as a young man, read 10 articles on neurotheology and write an essay on it and hike for eight days and school is over.

Thursday, May 21

does your egg glow at night too?

wooden sporks..a boy from abilene texas sent my school a letter saying that his name was matt rogers, and he didn't want to be writing a letter but had to, and would like many letters in return for a school contest. i had no idea if there was a prompt and sent a pretty sweet return letter. i even mentioned the strange but pleasing use of replacing questionmarks with periods.
just got back from hiking 14 miles in chuckanuts. glad to be on my bed.  
possibly converted theo to freeganism instead of veganism.
i will be at sasquatch. all three days. on my best behavior in my sunday clothes. will anyone else be there. 
my middle name is better than my first. 
during the day i feel like an egg, observing and feeling things from the external world. but at night my egg has a larger perimeter around it , like a glowing egg. the glow is like an extra awarness of my being's transience

Sunday, May 3

happy skin

got back from sucia island. feel shiney and brown like a roasted piglet. in other words my skin feels healthy and sun soaked.  

i bought a loofah on a stick and mushrooms and greenbeans from "free"meyers.  headed over to WWU and drank kombucha while sitting in the rain reading siddhartha. peed in a portypotty and felt comforted by the sound of the rain on the plastic roof. was amused and doubted i'd ever feel comforted in a portypotty ever again.

i saw the shins play. it was nice. they ended with the song i really loved in eight grade, "those to come", one i listened to when i started to feel "real" 

(and "confused" and "sad" and "alive")

and then it started to flash flood and people were sprinting around downtown seeking shelter.