Monday, July 12


when we are asleep we know everything;
our dreams cannot fool us, only waking life
we are our own gods, the storytellers,
i am living alone in an asian metropolis
i am living in a cottage with mystic people
i am having a love affair with someone i
see occasionally in real life,
but have never actually spoken to.
we do not question boundaries and
despite the strangeness, nothing is absurd
when we wake we have tears in our eyes

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Melanie said...

When I am asleep I know everything
and sometimes I fill up when
I find some stranger's blog with their thoughts and their writing that reminds me of mine and sometimes I forget that we're all the same but I'm always reminded when I find someone I don't know and won't know no matter how much internet stalking I do or just watching and reading and feeling bad about myself and everything, I guess we should all sometimes do the things we want done.